22 April

Official opening of World Wide.

Hello World,

Welcome to, is a Bitcoin Assets Managment Company with a vision to enhance the scope of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for investors worldwide. We are a financial advisory and asset management firm focused on the blockchain sector working on bitcoin assets managments. Our asset management firm has established a department for investigating the opportunities of the cryptocurrency’s market and how it can deliver financial investments related to these assets.

As people are concern about how this investments will work, 6.5% Profit on your investment will be credited to your account on daily basis where the minimum investment you can do on is ฿0.001. The earnings will occur right after 24 hours of your investment created on your account. When it comes to withdrawals they are Instant with a minimum of ฿0.00025. Your earnings will have your principle included. You will not get Principle invested amount back after 30 Days. There is no fee on any operation in our company protal.

We wish you a good luck with

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